Beautiful handmade crochet and felt items. Inspired and crafted to nurture the playful side of childhood.

Joanna Hare


Inspired everyday by my children, their playfulness and creativity. I have always had a love for crafting and crocheting, there is just something about the quality and care taken in a handmade item…truly filled with love in every stitch. Since having children I am always looking for items that are well made, practical and playful enough to appeal to my children. This is why I started making blankets, hats, accessories and even toys for my little ones. Since then I have been asked by many friends and even strangers on the street where I got my hat or blanket from. Hence, ChatterMouse began. I have three wonderful children. Time goes by so fast and I am very thankful, I cherish every moment we share together and seeing the world through their eyes. I really enjoy time spent nurturing and playing with my children or curling up on the couch with my hook and basket full of yarn. I can only hope to share with you my love of creating beautiful handmade crochet and felt items which are inspired and crafted to nurture the playful side of childhood.Warm wishes, Joanna